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Yearly License: Solo Version (Windows) | DigiSecret Software

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Try it for free before purchasing the license.

DigiSecret hides/encrypts confidential information (files, images, or simple text) inside a dummy picture.

In the interest of anonymity, the encryption process used to hide confidential information does not require any internet connectivity (further, no cloud or online services are provided).

Once your confidential information is encrypted in the dummy picture you may safely store it on your PC.

This license has a validity of one year and does not allow you to share information with anyone.

Please consider other license type if you want to exchange secret files or photos via email with someone else.

You will always be able to decrypt existing secrets. Upon license expiration, you will not be able to hide new information.

Compatible with Windows OS

Note: This is just the yearly license. To use this license, you must first download the free trial.